We offer a variety of services available to candidates and issue-based campaigns.

Communications and Public/Media Relations. From campaign communications management, announcements, crisis communications, in addition to ongoing digital PR strategies, our agency prides itself on our innovative and aggressive approach to crafting the conversation for candidates and organizations. We have pitched stories and developed PR plans for clients spanning from Shanghai to Stockholm and most major media markets in the U.S.

Crisis Communications and Rapid Response Consulting.
Public Engagement Services.
Media Relations.
Public Relations.
Analyst Relations.

Advertising Strategy and Coordination / Media Buying. Through identifying best advertising practices, our agency crafts advertising campaigns that are budget-conscious and data-driven to ensure the designated audiences connect with the right brands or initiatives. This includes direct mail marketing.

Direct Mail.
Television, Radio, and Billboard Advertising.
Trade Show Activation.

Public and Regulatory Affairs. Our agency enjoys extensive relationships with local, state, and federal officeholders that allows for our clients to focus effectively on specifics with legislation and regulatory affairs. These efforts are generally conjoining with public relations and communications solutions. Further, we team up with respected public affairs firms to advance your legislative goals in the public eye.

Legislative Impact Analysis.
Advocacy Coalition Building.

Event Planning and Management. Whether building an event for 25, 5,000, or more people, our agency’s expertise in building and managing innovative public events is nearly unparalleled. We’ve produced fundraisers for elected officials, benefits for non-profit organizations, and large-scale concert events on behalf of our clients. Our team is experienced with the intimate detailed logistics that goes into a successful event – from budgeting, production, event design, and execution. 

Branding and Visuals. Our agency develops design and visual concepts for products, digital media, advertising, print publications, and more. Our designs have been or are in use in product designs, direct mail campaigns, advertising campaigns, and advocacy efforts.

Social and Digital Strategy.  From website auditing and SEO optimization to keyword and content development and search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns; our team is prepared to break down, analyze, and craft the ideal digital strategy needed to position your website and social media channels to reach your audience organically and consistently. Continued monitoring and management of websites and social media channels will help ensure continued alignment with your target audience, maintaining your growing following.

Social Media Management.
Digital Media Management.
Digital Advertising Planning.
SEO Audit.
SEM Planning and Production.

Digital Media Production and Media Deployment. For commercials and live productions – and podcast recording, our team is equipped to provide you with the tools to communicate loudly and visually. Our agency has a team of in-house and contract award-winning photographers that can truly capture the essence of an event, a moment, and a vision for your brand and/or organization.

Podcast production, both in-house and remote editing.
Commercial video production.
Episodic programming production.
Product photography.
Headshot photography.
Event photography.

Audience Research/Focus Groups/Polling. Determining the audience or a target for a campaign is one of the earliest efforts to identity marketability to an objective group. Our team can develop and manage focus group coordination and distillation with effective results and determination, in addition to live and remote polling services for issue discovery.

Focus Groups, both in-person and remote.
Polling via phone and text messaging.
Marketability audits.